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Discover all of the ways that your business or university can use LectureHub video platform to improve knowledge sharing, communication, and learning.

For Education

Using course capture is a great way to create study tools for students. LectureHub gives instructors the ability to make recordings even more effective by easily adding quizzes and comprehension questions that students can use to test their knowledge and prepare for exams.

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For Business

LectureHub can help you give your employees anytime access to job-specific training, leveraging the power of video to provide online training materials that are more compelling than a handbook, and more cost-effective than on-location events and seminars.

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For Medicine & Healthcare

Up-to-date information is critical for healthcare professionals in providing patients with accurate diagnoses and treatment options. Make sure your healthcare staff can access the information they need, when they need it. Learning content  that can be accessed from any location any time.

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For Retail & Hospitality

Everyone—from maids to managers—has an impact on how customers perceive your brand. Ensure your entire staff is equipped to address positive and negative situations by providing targeted training that incorporates customer feedback. Make every customer experience memorable.

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For Manufacturers

Put video to work for employee training and onboarding, continuous improvement and process documentation, executive communications, events, and more. Build talent from within by identifying inconsistencies and offer internal training to improve individual skill mastery.

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For Government

The number one goal of government at any level is to provide the best service to citizens possible. Our learning management systems provide public agencies with the tools to help manage training and career development efforts and give employees the tools they need to be successful public servants.

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An enhancement for traditional learning and teaching.

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